The Fucked Clump of Multi​-​Genitalia

by Sangre Amado

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Faith has led my path hopeful in dark/ Starry eyed and weak invite blows to my heart/ Broken glass, with disgrace, is shoved up my ass/ Dissected and disemboweled, my body is trash. To you, I don't flatter as one i would blame/ To sheep, i don't look for acceptance this day. Hate from the attack springs out in my voice/ Scars and many boils showing up on my face/ Passers by, they do exploit/ In sporadic rage, begins a fight
The hills are long, they're stretching down the bones, the falls, my icy lungs. Beneath the dirt which breaks my fall. The eyes, the bed is slithering. I met the worm. I ate the earth. Ensnared the fish, the one I am. You came to me, you called my name. My guts are spread across the steam. Along the fields, the eyes they dig. The fish of death, it filters ice. The hairy thing beneath the sun. My brains, they cook in frying slime, heavy mud, the steamy, stinking mud. The crawdad king is posing proud. It's insect voice is t-t-t-t-twitching. You foul beast, I crush your gut filled shell. I'm not of Earth, I'm shiny human stardust. Eternal numbness to jaws which clamp my body. The rows of teeth, the razors in my back. My blood is drained in caves of frozen hell
Torrid, sordid, sarray, solaine. Or solesoley. adhea farda sarday esaifodait. Seet assifar sadt sckeetb, isfotter. Flashmaster. Yo sai donet, insigh faddirou soyid. Ozidone neid ooh ozidorr foew. Sott ahr, (nasty). Dore wahw fortabort howngidowng thaet wahwd. ëë safarsardt asa lay safar. ëë dasa lassafaddarh. Sorsid, ladrsaidn uoondude sae, izhaoh. Yah sa foddir dosa foddarh. ëë dar nahr rhafudahrou. *sö sahrd loav diord ovadsar laurseir. eesa foddir rosoidt. (repeat) Eer for dorn lye lai sorrdaiyfoddrsar. Errfordorn sordohrn liyforiy yar. Errfordorn saidor forsaiye lasare. Yatta fattahrr. My apsule's disintegrating. Inside I'm naked, festuring, deteriorating. Everything is burning. (Yob ho, seittik, srewolf, seidrib eht, hoo) Sordisaiy loffafasah isai lai veox. Loffafaarh demoncide letsigoh. Indar lessars burnb aye saifai. Schahkinbe baerd. Life so far burns.


released January 1, 1999


all rights reserved



Sangre Amado San Francisco, California

Stone Clement (guitar, vocals) Jesika Christ (bass, vocals, samples) Sam Foster (drums) former member: Geoff Pease (guitar)

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