by Sangre Amado

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released January 1, 1997



all rights reserved


Sangre Amado San Francisco, California

Stone Clement (guitar, vocals) Jesika Christ (bass, vocals, samples) Sam Foster (drums) former member: Geoff Pease (guitar)

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Track Name: Serpent Spirit
Waiting perched/ Beyond the wall. Between the lights/ Within the dark hall. Deep in your mind/ The place you won't go. This thing will get you/ The curse of thought flow. The days we count/ The gauge of our lives. Only to die/ With hopes to slumber rich. This bed of gold/ Won't clear your mind. The serpent spirit/ Invades when you die.
(chorus) The coming of the SPIRIT. Destruction of the GATE Rats flood in WATERFALLS. Sky cracks wide, PITFALLS.
Track Name: Earth Oddity
I am monster/ Blood flapping sinister/ CRAWL/ Psyche resurrection of thing below/ IXX:) gliding beast/ watching eyes/ I am the thing/ to earth I bring.
(chorus) Earth unshown / the secret beast. Inaudible/ dissectable/ parastupid/ psychotic key/ nothing for me/ answered no need/ worthless effort/ to fill in the void/ empty shout/ echoes of doubt/ flying saucer kicks my ass/ life force is us/ I am the fear.

Flying into the unknown expanse/STARS! space bends/ farefangs breaths/ I've fallen down/ FAR/ crumbling earth/ there are no words/ faceless sky/ ODDITY.
Track Name: Succubus
Lust! As I contort your vision creature! It now must ..?
This lust, my savior, my queen, my flavor. This night we meet to moralize the obscene. Webs, winds blow. Bow down and kiss shginy boorts now! In ice-green blood. Tight know becomes loose. Behind me, she creeps, whispering a voice. We're watching the stream. Carress the flock. Water passes slowly by. I reach this up sky. Lust! Creature! Knows! No cares! Dimly lit forest. Moist in the air. trugging through heat, through thick, lovely hair. The hills are quite smooth. My skin, it is wet. The sun dims. The spider crawls over neck. Break now! Trusting! Waiting!
Track Name: Fuck
Your brightness quickens my desire to send your spirit spilling over this barren waste. The place of sacrifice. Sordid coronation. The still water, by the flight of ravens. Have I devined this thoughtless child? The chapel of discipline. Service of mine lust. Seeing nothing, blinded by the light. Nothing in the eyes of a child, but these eyes are searing. Silence in the eyes of a child. Innocents unknowing. Drown his eyes in maddening laughter. You're life's a lie. You're life's a lie. My headache. A cancerous tumor throbs in pain at the base of my skull. The pain bursts through my head. Steel needle injection of nitrate punctures a whole in the back of my neck. My bloodshot eyes show me a wreck.
Track Name: Unnatural existence
Bound from birth/ Slow suicide/ Kingdoms drowned in barren lies. Captors laughing, hold all life. The knives of convention has severed your spine. Leaving you nerveless, demented, defenseless, hopelessly blind. Consume packaged spirit, sold for their gain. Ritual Unlife depravation disguising, blasphemous cage.
(chorus) All souls crying out to be bought. Halls filled with endless lives lost. Blind faith. Service until you die. Kneel to your death, Unnatural existence.
Challenge is gone. Atrophy. Useless limbs fall away. Brains decay. Nothing lights the source but horror. At your mindless slavery, ludicrous torture
Die! Enslaved to the eye, you're left blind! Never expect creeping decay! Growing in slow misverse. Die! Blind! Decay!