by Sangre Amado

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released January 1, 2000



all rights reserved


Sangre Amado San Francisco, California

Stone Clement (guitar, vocals) Jesika Christ (bass, vocals, samples) Sam Foster (drums) former member: Geoff Pease (guitar)

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Track Name: Starving Protein Sack
Quivering sack of bones is begging. Fighting them. Fighting myself. Beating those weaker than myself. Sleeping soul decays in it's excrement. Choking on their stools. Poison roots blooming disease. Contaminate open bleeding scabs. Spinal drain. Entropy oozing. Death doom. Drifting ghosts remains a blur. Stirs
Track Name: Death of Me
If I die before I wake, it's because I couldn't wait
Track Name: Tomorrow's Dark
I saw the will of another come face to face with lies. They swallowed her hope. The sickness reaching out. Found regrets and scars. Tomorrow is dark. Molding heart follows the ways of his father and his father and the lord reaching for golden rays. He gives sorrow and abuse. A tall destructive force without mercy. It falls and rots at the base.
Track Name: Opera Inverse
No two roads by which you're thought. Specter child of unborn rot. Repulsive shades. Stagnate trust. Lacerations of ancient lust. Sleepless path towards the doom. Eyes anointed with twilight gloom. Buried scars of self envy. Searing crowns of agony. Peeling back the wound. Inceptive slit. Mother of god. Sacred mutilate clit. Landmaiden of the pious sod. Dragged across the floor. Afterbirth of the virgin whore. The sacrament of shit. Shadow hand. Lamb demands. Sacrifice. Son of man. Lamb demands. Butcher knife. two pouncing red soaked walls. The backdrop fronting unbacked halls. The hand that thwarts not if. Gaping absurd daemon rift. Endungeon thou falling bliss. Raptured victim. Idiot tit. The a sacrament of shit. Watch how we drift. Between life and death. Asleep at the dawn of the end. Three fold, each other enclosed. Our nightmare begins to unfold.